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School Tour Registration Form

  1. School Tour Registration

    $3 Per Student     Teachers/Chaperones FREE

    School tours are one hour guided tours. Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled tour.  

    Our holiday themed filed trip is available upon request and availability beginning December 1. 

    Field Trips can be booked Tuesday through Friday 10:00 am to Noon or 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

  2. Let us know if you are bring any students with disabilities. We have sensory backpacks available for use during the tour; they include sound cancelling headphones and sun glasses for light sensitivities, as well as sensory and fidget activities.

  3. Gift Shop:

    If you would like to schedule additional time to allow students to shop in the gift shop, please let us know. 

  4. Let us know how much additional time you'd like to schedule for the gift shop. 

  5. Please Note:

    Filling out this form does not finalize the booking process. Museum staff  will contact to confirm the date, time, and to answer any questions you may have. Should you have questions after submitting the form, please feel free to contact us at (325)643-6376 or email 

    Busses can park by the mini train, Fire Station, or Depot. Please be careful when crossing any streets. 

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