Preparedness Plan
Since September 11, 2001, state and federal governments have spent significant time creating and revamping preparedness plans. Our local Public Health Preparedness plan is an All Hazards Plan and addresses our response to a natural or terrorist event.

Definition of a Volunteer
Volunteer have always stepped up to help when an emergency occurs. According to the Red Cross a volunteer is an individual who, beyond the confines of paid employment and normal responsibilities, contributes time and service to assist in accomplishment of a mission.

Reasons to Volunteer
People volunteer for many reasons, including:
  • To develop new skills or hone old ones
  • To give back to their community
  • To network with other people
  • To see a mission accomplished
  • To share their abilities
Needed Volunteers
If a natural or terrorist event occurs in Brownwood / Brown County, volunteers will be needed to supplement the responding Public Health Preparedness Team. Needed volunteers will include:
  • Affiliated - these volunteers are attached to a recognized voluntary agency that may have pre-trained them for disaster response (such as the Red Cross or Salvation Army).
  • Facility Support - individuals willing to work as a greeter or runner to keep our clinic sites running smoothly.
  • Medical - doctors, nurses, pharmacist, EMT & other healthcare workers form the core of the medical network that will allow us to respond effectively to any situation.
  • Non-medical - individuals that can provide invaluable services, assisting medical experts by lending their skills as interpreters, clerks and suppliers.
Community Benefits
Volunteers are vital to Public Health Preparedness in our community. Benefits to the community are:
  • Access to a broader range of expertise and experience
  • Act as liaisons with the community to gain support for programs
  • Enabling the agency to launch programs in areas in which paid staff lacks expertise
  • Facilitate networking
  • Increase paid staff member's effectiveness by enabling them to focus their attention where they are most needed
  • Increase public awareness and program visibility
  • Provide services more cost effectively
How to Volunteer
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer fill out the Volunteer Application Form (PDF) or call our office.