Municipal Court


Please contact the court to make other arrangements for a hearing if you are over age 65 or have serious underlying health conditions, such as high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, and those whose immune systems are compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer or other conditions requiring such therapy.

Municipal Court

Mission Statement

The Brownwood Municipal Court is committed to providing those we serve with impartial and efficient delivery of justice for Class "C" misdemeanors and parking violations while accomplishing the duties incumbent upon it by the Brownwood City Charter and the laws of the State of Texas. The Administrative Staff are to provide high-quality customer service that is effective, efficient, and delivered in a professional environment with effective case management, revenue collection, and record's retention support.

Judge Responsibilities

The appointed municipal court judges adjudicate cases, conduct arraignments and perform magisterial functions with respect for the law and the accused.


Upon instructions and approval of the Judge of the Brownwood Municipal Court and/or the City Attorney's office, defendants are issued payment plans and alternative sentencing. Such alternatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Community service
  • Defensive driving
  • Deferred disposition

Summons and/or warrants are issued to defendants that fail to pay their fines and juveniles are blocked from issuance or renewal of a driver's license until court responsibilities are fulfilled.

Staff Responsibilities

The Municipal Court Staff are responsible for:

  • Balancing and closing of accounts
  • Defendant correspondence
  • Maintaining and preparing all of the Municipal dockets
  • Preparing requisitions for purchasing and refunding
  • Providing assistance during each session of the Court
  • Receiving all court documents
  • Recording the disposition of each case

The preceding encompasses the Municipal Court's goal of providing quality customer service.


This Department has 6 full-time employees:

  • 1 part-time Judge
  • 3 Municipal Court Clerks
  • A City Marshal
  • A Community Service Supervisor
  • The Municipal Court Judge