Core Values - "I  S.E.R.V.E." 


If there were only one value of a public servant, it would be enveloped in this idea of integrity. Within integrity is honesty, truthfulness, accuracy and consistency. Simply stated, we tell the truth, we are transparent with information, we do what we say we will do, and we do what is right no matter who is watching.


Defined as the occupation or function of serving; contribution to the welfare of others; a helpful act. Simply stated, we put others above ourselves. Service means we make intentional decisions and actions to benefit others. Service is being friendly and providing answers. Service is sacrifice.


Excellence is doing the best job every time. The key question is, “Is this the best we can do?” Excellence is connected to resources, ability and attitude. As an organization, we strive to ensure staff have the tools (resources) and training (ability) to do their jobs well. Attitude, however, is the responsibility of the individual to bring to work.


Defined as to hold in high regard. Respect yourself, co-workers, City Council, citizens, property and equipment. To respect does not mean to agree with all the time. We can have a difference of opinion without belittling or bullying. We must enforce the laws and codes of the City without allowing bias or prejudice to cloud our actions. We work with and for people of all races, religious affiliation, economic status and education levels. We must honor people as human beings first, regardless of what makes us different.


Defined as working today with tomorrow in mind. Some examples include cross training, preventative maintenance, capital improvement plans, fiscal responsibility, efficiency, time management and creativity.


Empathy is defined as understanding another person’s condition or feelings. Empathy is taking respect to the next level. This is the most challenging value of all. Empathy is attempting to see another person’s perspective or to “walk in another person’s shoes.” When we better understand the perspective of another, then we can better understand how to work together for mutual benefit.

Core Value Award