Zoning regulates the use of land, the type of structures to be built upon the land, setbacks of structures on the land, required parking spaces, minimum yards and minimum lot size.

 Description of Zones

  • (1) R-1 single-family residential district
  • (2) R-1A single-family residential district
  • (3) R-1B patio home residential district
  • (4) R-2 two-family residential district
  • (5) R-3 multifamily residential district
  • (6) RR residential rural district
  • (7) MH mobile home district
  • (8) CN neighborhood commercial district
  • (9) C-1 local business district
  • (10) C-2 general business district
  • (11) C-2A downtown business district
  • (12) M-1 restricted industrial district
  • (13) M-2 industrial district
  • (14) C-U college and university district
  • (15) A-1 agriculture district
  • (16) CO commercial office district

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Home Occupations

Home occupations are permitted in the city limits provided that the business is in compliance with Chapter 98 Section 98-583(f) of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Brownwood Code of Ordinances.

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