Street Closures

Please obey road barricades. 

Due to recent rain and rising waters, and on behalf of our hardworking street department, do not drive through low water crossings or any other low water crossing with water flowing across the roadway.

As updates are available, they will be issued via press releases to the media, City website (, City of Brownwood and Brownwood/Brown County Emergency Management Facebook pages and Code Red Alerts. 

People are advised to stay alert to road conditions, and obey barricades.

The City of Brownwood is not sandbagging at this time. We are monitoring the situation and will issue a press release if sandbags become necessary. 

We ask residents to please not call 911 or Police Department for sandbags, as we need to reserve access to the call center for emergencies. 

Last updated at 5:30 pm, 10/17/2018