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Transfer Application Request

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  2. Utility Billing Department

    Transfer Application Request
    **Connection and disconnection within 19 days**

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  4. Service Connection only Monday-Friday. 24 HR notice is required. No service on holidays.

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  9. We do not charge any Transfer Fees. The only requirement in order to transfer is that the current bill be paid. Please note that we bill a month behind therefore a final bill will be produced for the date of disconnection. Final bills are calculated around the 15th or 25th and due the 10th of the month. For your new location, you will receive your first bill once your meter has been read twice. We will take a 1st reading when you connect and read again during the monthly cycle reading for your route. We will mail your first bill towards the end of the month and the bill will be due the 10th of the month.

    The City of Brownwood water utility strongly suggests that you close the private customer gate valve prior to the City arriving to restore service to this address. The City will not be responsible for damages to the property or inside the home due to any water leak or open lines upon or after the City restores service.

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