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Utility Investigation Application

  1. Application for:*
  2. Application Fee for Initiation

    Applicants must call the Development Services Department at 325-646-5775 to pay the $25 deposit fee to initiate the utility investigation.

  4. Legal Description:
  5. Fees

    Application Fee: ______________________$25.00

    Water Tapping Fee: ___________________________

    Sewer Tapping Fee: ___________________________

    Lawn Sprinkler Tapping Fee: __________________

    Fire Sprinkler Tapping Fee: ___________________

    Relocate Service Fee: _________________________

    Total: (Valid 15 days) __________________________

    Date Paid: _____________________________________

    Received by: _____________________________________

    Utility Dept.: _____________________________________

    Public Works Director: __________________________

    Plumbing Inspector: _____________________________

    Billing Office: _____________________________________

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