2022 ISERVE Core Value Awards

The City of Brownwood recognized four employees who received the I SERVE award. This award was newly introduced this past year during the first City of Brownwood all-employee conference. The award is given to employees who have gone above and beyond and have embraced the City’s core values of Integrity, Service, Excellence, Respect, Vision, and Empathy. Chris Lee, Stewart Stonger, Joshua Oden, and Kelly Charboneau each received the I SERVE award. 

Chris Lee

Lee, who serves as Utility Operator III with the Utility Department, began working for the City of Brownwood in 2018. Lee currently holds his Water Distribution Operators C water license and a Wastewater Collection Operator I sewer license. He was able to learn how to operate equipment and obtain all his licenses to become a Utility Operator III in a very short period of time.  

He recently helped complete several large utility projects including utility line main installations at Austin and Main Streets, sewer line installations at Old May Road, the Food Plaza store on Austin Avenue, and the new Home2 Suites hotel project.  

Lee’s co-workers described him as dependable, a team player, and always willing to help them out. His supervisor said, “His willingness to be a team player and get the job done makes him a great asset to the City of Brownwood. His great, positive attitude impacts others and makes him a good leader.” 

Stewart Stonger

Stonger began working for the City of Brownwood in 2019. He currently serves as GIS Specialist with the Development Services Department and IT trainer. 

During his time with the City of Brownwood, Stonger has worked in both the IT and the Planning and Development departments. He is noted for working to improve many processes throughout multiple City departments to make operations more efficient. Stonger is credited with creating new zoning maps, designing and implementing project management programs, improving maps for trash pickup, better systems for mowing crews, updating software in the Code Department, and improving systems related to the utility department.

Joshua Oden

Oden started working for the City of Brownwood in 2014 in the Parks Department. He started as a seasonal laborer and has diligently worked his way to Crew Chief in the Parks Department. Oden received multiple nominations for the I SERVE award from multiple departments. Every nomination cited his ability to work well with his crew with passion and high energy. He is recognized for genuinely caring about the public and their experience in the City parks. 

Team members praised Oden’s willingness to seek additional responsibilities, and his passion for his work.

His supervisor noted a common theme in Oden’s nominations from his peers highlighting his dedication to the job and willingness to go the extra mile and perform his work at a high level.  Additionally, his supervisors have said that he has grown into a great leader and works well with those in his department and other departments.

Kelly Charboneau

Charboneau began his career with the City of Brownwood in 2017 with the Sanitation Department. He started with the City as a container repair laborer and now serves as Sanitation Operator III. He fabricates, refurbishes, and paints dumpsters at container repair, and excels at fabricating and welding. His fabricating and welding skills have been used by multiple departments over the years with outstanding results. 

 Charboneau’s team members praised him for saving countless dollars working on projects that otherwise would need to be contracted out.  As an example, he has refurbished over 700 metal dumpsters in the 5 years he has been in container repair. 

 His supervisor praised his quality of work and dedication, calling them both second to none. Charboneau was recognized not only valuable to the Sanitation Department but also to the entire City team.