Immunizations can help protect the health of our community, especially the very young, those who are sick, the elderly or those who can not be immunized.  Disease outbreaks can be slowed or stopped when children and adults receive vaccines.  Fewer outbreaks can save lives and money.  Preventing disease can mean few doctor appointments, and fewer days missed from school and work.  More importantly vaccines can prevent hospitalizations and premature death.

Fees and Scheduling

The Brownwood/Brown County Health Department provides vaccines on a walk-in basis, but appointments can be made as needed. 

Fees are based on the schedule found in the Public Health Section of this site and are based on the cost of the vaccine with a small administrative fee.  Generally the Health Department does not file on insurance and payment is made at the time of service.  

Uninsured adults and children, children on Medicaid or CHIP may be eligible for State-Funded Vaccine for Children and Adults on this site.