Claiming Property

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Please call the Evidence Unit phone number at (325) 646-2525 and ask to speak with Evidence personnel. You need to confirm that the item(s) that you are retrieving have been released by the investigating officer or detective. We will not release anything without proper authorization.

If you do not know the name of the officer or detective who is handling your case or investigation, you can call our Records Unit at (325) 646-2525 and they will help you locate that information. When you call, Records personnel will ask you for Incident/Case/Report number. This number will always begin with the year in which the incident occurred (e.g. 15-123456).


If you are picking up a firearm, you MUST call the Evidence Unit phone number at (325) 646-2525 and  speak with Evidence personnel. The Evidence Technician will ask you required questions to complete the Record Check for Firearm Release form. They will forward it for processing, which takes approximately three to five business days. When the background records check has been completed, you will be contacted via the phone number that you had provided on the form. You will have five business days to retrieve the firearm or the background process has to start over.

Do you need to claim property from the Brownwood Police Department Property & Evidence Section?
In order to claim your property, you must bring in picture id.  It is also helpful if you bring your case number, police report, or notification letter.  Property may also be claimed by your representative, providing he/she has a notarized statement of authorization from you.  An appointment must be scheduled for the release of your property prior to responding to the Police Department.  Please call (325) 646-2525 to arrange the appointment or to have any questions you may have answered.

If I find a bicycle and turn it in, can I later claim it?
Yes. After 90 days, if no one claims the bicycle, you may call our main number (325) 646-2525 to set up an appointment. Please refer to the case or CFS number given to you by the officer. 

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